Current Therapy Animal Teammates

Coach - therapy dog, 2012 - Present

Coach is an 8 year old rescued basset hound, whom I adopted when he was six months old. He is a "clown" and very sweet and silly; his demeanor and happy-go-lucky attitude make people smile and laugh. He is such a character! He enjoys working with populations ranging from children to seniors. He has been a "Reading with Rover" dog and has worked in numerous settings including hospice, clinical, and school-based. To request a session with Coach, please contact us. 

Moose 2015

Moose - therapy rabbit in training

Moose is a 2.5 year old, 20 lb Flemish Giant rabbit! He is very sweet, curious, and social and silly, He and I are currently working together to finalize our certification as a therapy animal team through "Bunnies in Baskets" (therapy rabbit organization). His "big" sister, Clover, mentored him on what it means to be a therapy rabbit.  To request a session with Moose, please contact us. 


Retired Therapy Animal Teammates

Clover, 6/25/07 - 7/23/17 - Pet Partners therapy rabbit, 2009 - 2015

Clover was a 10 year old rescued American-mix rabbit, whom I adopted from Seattle Humane Society when she was one year old. She retired from working due to aging and physical health changes. Over the course of 19 months, Clover navigated becoming a disabled bunny, a lymphoma diagnosis, and tooth abscess with amazing strength, grace and beauty. She continued to surprise and inspire her veterinary care team on a regular basis. Clover was an incredibly confident, calm, relaxed bunny. She worked with a variety of populations (children to seniors) within clinical and pediatric settings as well as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. People were always quite smitten with her and loved to pet her very soft fur. She adored having her head and cheeks massaged, and loved to devour blueberries. Clover was a wonderful mentor and coach for her "little" brother, Moose - teaching him what it means to be a therapy rabbit. As Clover navigated her chronic and terminal health conditions, I provided extensive caregiving for her in the areas of palliative and at-home hospice care. On July 23, Clover passed away peacefully in the most beautiful way -  in my arms and at home with her family. She continues to inspire me, her veterinary team, and the many people she touched throughout her life. 

2012-08-09 15.24.09.jpg

Mia, 7/24/02 - 11/4/14 , Pet Partners therapy dog, 2004 - 2014

Mia, was a rescued "Bassador" (Basset-Labrador mix), whom I adopted when she was one year old from Washington Basset Rescue. She was a truly unique and wise old soul. She worked with so many different clients, in a variety of settings including: clinical and school-based counseling, hospice, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. She worked many special events and served as a representative of the Therapy Animal Program when I worked at Pet Partners International Headquarters. Mia was also frequently my co-facilitator and co-presenter when conducting workshops and presentations. Her specialty was providing animal-assisted therapy to adolescents with co-occurring issues. Mia always had an innate way of knowing who needed attention at any given moment, and for making people laugh by balancing "serious" with "silly". Her rescue story combined with her unique appearance helped people to accept differences in others and embrace their own uniqueness. My favorite thing said about Mia on her pediatric hospital therapy visits was:  "I wish I had some Mia ears of my own that I could pull out to stroke when I feel sad or lonely.” (I must admit Mia's ears did feel like the softest velvet.) After working as a Pet Partners therapy dog for 10 years, Mia retired at the age of 12 years old. She was a lymphoma survivor of nearly 3 years (in which she had 3 remissions), and spent her pre-retirement time visiting with people who were also fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Mia taught me immensely about pet loss and bereavement and inspired me to pursue veterinary social work as a specialty. Mia continues to be an inspiration.


Byron - Pet Partners therapy dog (retired), 2003 - 2010

Byron is a 16 year old rescued flat-coated retriever, whom I adopted when he was four months old from Tacoma Humane Society. He is a friendly, bouncy, and a very affectionate young soul. He was my first therapy dog partner and taught me so much about the importance of teamwork and being your animal's best advocate. Byron's specialty was working with adolescent males in the clinical setting, and adult and senior clients with life-threatening diseases in the hospice setting. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment and palliative care for lymphoma - he is absolutely amazing and continues to embrace his young-at heart spirit! He now enjoys being a "couch potato"', snuggling with his toy duck, spending time at local parks, and looks forward to every meal.